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bandThe Band

Daniel (vocals/guitar), Graham (original drummer) and Dave (bass) all played together in a former band, and when we parted company with the singer early in 2009, Daniel took over singing duties.

Trevor then came on board with his guitar stylings, and off we went, picking up JJ on the drums, then Glen on keys, on the way...


Daniel took up the guitar at age 14, mostly in a bid to make friends at a new school. Early influences came from The Beatles (but he's not that old), and a mixtape of delta blues recordings. He's been in many bands through the years, but this is his first time as frontman.


Trev joined up after a passing remark - when Daniel was searching for a guitarist, Trev said, 'Oh, I used to play a bit'... the rest is history. His infectious enthusiasm sometimes has to be reined in, usually at the end of songs.


Dave is the mainstay of the rhythm section, and is a hugely experienced musician. I've run out of things to say but needed a second sentence.


JJ Joined us in early 2010, and has been playing for many, many centuries. He brings with him brilliant enthusiasm and a feel for the blues, as well as an unfeasibly small car in which to transport a full drum kit.


Skyscraping tall guy, multi-instrumentalist and polygamous band member Glen first joined as a depping bass player, but we occasionally employ his wizard-like keyboard skills, featuring piano and Hammond.